Mortgage Broker Serving Sarnia

Mortgage Broker Serving Sarnia

Know Your City: Sarnia, The Place You Want To Be.

Sarnia has a rich history dating back almost 200 years to 1836 when settlers first found the area. The development of the Great Western Railway caused great development for the area and population growth. As more residents migrated to the area for job opportunities in different sectors expanded and the economy of the town strengthened. The discovery of oil reserves in the area put Sarnia on the map and drove a great deal of business to the area. Today, Sarnia is a leading Petrochemical provider in Ontario and also thrive in many other manufacturing sectors.

What Are The Major Shopping Centers in Sarnia?

What is the population in Sarnia?

The current estimated population of Sarnia is around 72,000 people. The city is constantly growing as a hub of commerce along the United States Border. Sarnia’s reputation as an industrial and manufacturing centre especially in the oil industry is widely regarded as one of the pillars of the economy and offers job opportunities to the town. The position of Sarnia on the St. Clair River provided great access to transportation routes, causing profound economic growth in the area over the years.

The average price of a house in Sarnia is around $500,000, with the median annual household income being $77,000. A mortgage broker in Sarnia can help tailor the search for your property and find the best rates.


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