Cashin Mortgages has created a success based environment for agents and brokers to provide the ultimate platform to supercharge your income.

One of the most aggressive and fair compensation models available in the industry!

For Senior Agents Only

Senior agents and brokers receive 100% of commissions and efficiency bonuses.

Would you like to receive industry leading training from  the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable Mortgage Professionals?

  • Our corporate trainers are former senior mortgage underwriters for major lenders and top producers.
  • They are recognized as the best in the industry!
  • Our agents and brokers are amongst the most revered by lenders for knowledge and service.
  • Brian Tracy on-line sales and life coach training
  • On-Line Learning Academy
  • Professional Success Stories
  • Learn from The Pros

Would  you like to join and  be a part of one  Canada’s best and award winning broker networks?

Funding BILLIONS in mortgages,  a well-respected organization within the Canadian mortgage industry?

  • Renowned for having the top quality brokers and agents in Canada.

The Canadian mortgage broker channel continues to grow and Canadians are demanding more options and more experienced mortgage partners.  Prior to the 2008 subprime correction in the US, 70% of the mortgages were generated by the  mortgage broker channel.

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Consumer's Use of Mortgage Representatives


Will you be one of those people leading the industry and maximizing your income potential?

  • Do you want to increase your income for doing the same work?
  • Do you want to be a valued member of a high producing team?
  • Do you want to change your results, improve your personal brand and offer the best products and services to your clients?

Would you like a career in the mortgage brokering industry and want to JOIN a team with the  knowledge and experience to help you succeed?

To find out more about working with CASHIN MORTGAGES, visit or send an email to or call the BOSS MAN direct  at 416-898-7600 ext. 288

Thank you for your interest in CASHIN MORTGAGES. Here’s a bit of background about us, as well as, how and what we are offering. When our founder entered the industry it was painfully obvious that most brokerages had very little support and training to offer new and seasoned members of the team. Our founder entered the industry in 2011. With kids in school, sports and activities, a sizable mortgage, car loans, and very little options he closed his first 1.6 million commercial mortgage within the first couple of months. With a $22k  commission cheque in hand he tuned over a sizable portion of it to his brokerage. When the office administrator asked “what is the “Filogix” file number”, he had no clue what the administrator was talking about. Imagine, no onboarding, no orientation no assistance, no mentoring and still he had to pay the house! He thought there must be a better way!

Within a couple of months he moved on to another brokerage; it was an improvement from the first but still fell short on the the mark for personal growth, career development and financial security to providing an environment for entrepreneurial success.

Working and growing his business, he soon realized he had grown his business with little or no brokerage resources and it became painfully obvious that there was little in the way of  services from the brokerage to support his rapid growth. Of the services he did use or recognized as valuable, he had to pay for them personally.

Realizing this business was very entrepreneurial, our founder decided to build a brokerage platform that would be agent focused to help grow and support the agent’s personal brand.  This platform would provide core tools to drive leads, grow sales and continuously engage and foster customer relationships. Our founder set out to create a culture which would foster individual success but also realized that  a strong team environment was essential to every aspect of growth within the organization and all with very little administrative costs or big splits for all concerned.

Imagine, support without the high monthly fees and big splits!

CASHIN MORTGAGES is powered by VERICO and their FULL suite of tools including industry leading marketing tools, educational  and training videos, webinars and seminars, partners and co-op savings programs. ALL this, and you still retain the lionshare of your hard earned commissions. You reap the benefits of your hard work and effort. Your costs are fixed each and every month. Work harder, longer, make more money and you are the sole beneficiary of the extra effort. Does this sound like a team you want to be part or and working with?

Why do we do this??? Our founder has realized most of the tools provided by the big networks are just smoke and mirrors and contribute very little to the agent’s NET INCOME. So the solution is to simply strip out all the fluff and only pay for what you use.

You no longer have to pay big commission splits to your brokerage!

No royalties, no monthly marketing fees PERIOD!

STOP paying  for services that you don’t need, want or use!

You only pay for what you use and invest the money in your own brand and your business.

A Culture Built On Entrepreneurialism

YOU own YOUR clients

YOU own YOUR income stream

YOU control your business

YOU build your brand

YOU build Equity

UNLIMITED Team Growth Model

We On-board & Train all your new team members FREE

Freedom Unlimited!

NO Pay Splits

NO Royalties

NO Long Term Contract

NO Upfront Fee

NO Growth Limitations


Many brokerages  provide a “toolbox” to help build their business. CASHIN MORTGAGES, is no different. We have the same, more and sometimes different tools that most of the other larger brokerages and systems offer their teams plus a full suite of VERICO tools to supercharge your business and improve your skills.

You will be surprised how many of these programs are available, and at no cost to you.


Understanding that the decision to work with a brokerage does revolve around tools to grow the business, culture and opportunity, but none of these should restrict your income potential or penalize you with big splits.

At CASHIN MORTGAGES… we keep it simple.

We audit the files

We ensure they are compliant

We pay the originating agent/broker their commission

We maintain a licensed firm

We do the processing, payroll and bringing lenders to work with you,

We deal with legislative bodies regarding file compliance, marketing compliance & customer complaints.

At CASHIN MORTGAGES, these functions and many others are made possible by the consistent  compensation we receive from our agents/brokers.

Join CASHIN MORTGAGES, and you can choose one of these plans.

Choose a plan that fits your situation best and provides the most value to your individual business.

Monthly Flat Fee

Brokers – Under this program, a broker pays to CASHIN MORTGAGES $750 per month.

In return, the broker gets 100% of the finder fees, 100% of the efficiency bonuses and 100% of any other fees coming in on behalf of the broker  from the lenders. Brokers also get 100% of the mortgage life insurance revenues.

If you have junior agents on your team,  their mortgage transactions are also are included in this one-fee program. YES you get 100% of the fees ?

Plan 1: Brokers with agents,  $750/month, you  get 100% of commission and divide with your agents & your team members get:

Plan 2: Agents $ 500.00 / month, you get:

Plan 3: Team Leader  $ 500.00 / month, you get: (you also get 10% override of the $500.00 monthly agent fee, Agent received 100% of the commission’s)

  • 100% of the finder fees,
  • 100% of the efficiency  bonuses
  • 100% other commissions (insurance etc. )
  • Free websites for you and your team (if desired) ie.
  • Free CRM software (fully-integrated with Expert) to plan, track and analize your business (market to your database if desired)
  • Free Lendervault automated lender selection software system
  • Free Personal Marketing brochures, flyers, rate sheets, post cards, etc.
  • Free webinars on lender and other supplier’s products or services on demand
  • Free access to CASHIN MORTGAGES your online portal for rates, lending/UW guidelines and other tools, Member Access, Private Social Media & Member ONLY Discussion Groups
  • Access to Corporate Underwriting Unit (available to you only if desired, business services)
  • Access to Commission Advances (available to you only if desired)
  • Team atmosphere and services so you can have downtime, enjoy vacations and life in general.

Plan 2: 90 / 10

For team members that don’t want a monthly commitment? Under this program, when a deal is funded and the commission is paid, CASHIN MORTGAGES subtracts 10% of the commission and pays you the 90%. This program is ideal for those agents/brokers who are not sure if they can comfortably afford the flat fee monthly payment program.

On the 90/10, you & your team members get: (Minimum monthly volume $2500.00 in commissions)

  • 90% of the commission
  • Plus all of the above

Plan 3: Pay Per Deal

A third option for your compensation is the Pay Per Deal. In this case, nothing more is deducted from your commission.

The program scale is as follows;

  • For funded mortgages $250,000, the fee is $225
  • For funded mortgages over $250,000 the fee is $325
  • For funded mortgages over $500,000 the fee is $400
  • The same great tools as above


50/50 – up to 6 deals or 2 years or Up to $50K / year

80/20 – 6-12 deals in one year Minimum Commissions  $50K / year

We understand compensation is an important part of the decision when evaluating which brokerage to work with. However, it’s good to know that the best compensation plans in the industry are right here at CASHIN  MORTGAGES and we want to foster the best new agents in the industry to become some of the top producing professionals.

Which plan is right for you?

Send us an email and we will work with you to help decide. [email protected] or call 418-898-7600 ext 288

Contact us for a private, no-obligation discussion about how CASHIN MORTGAGES compensation plans can work for you.

Fee Schedule

As you know there are several costs that you have to pay when joining a broker firm. These costs are outlined below. Some of these fees are paid at the time of transferring to CASHIN MORTGAGES. We have pro-rated those fees so you don’t have to pay the full amount till the time of renewal (usually in June). The other fees are “ongoing costs” of doing business. Both types of fees are outlined below.

One-time Costs

  1. The Financial Securities Commission of Ontario (FSCO) re-licenses all mortgage agents and brokers by March 31st every 2 years (starting in 2008) along with the re-licensing fee they also require us to complete a re-licensing course.
  2. The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) requires us to pay an annual fee for their services. The full renewal fee is paid in June
  3. E&O Insurance is also paid annually and is a mandatory requirement for being a licensed mortgage agent in Ontario. The full renewal fee is paid in June (We pay E& O if you are on a Monthly Flat Fee Model).
  4. Cashin Mortgages charges an admin fee of $50 for processing your transfer, handling and processing the necessary fees to CAAMP, E&O, FSCO and getting you set-up with Equifax codes, setting up D+H Expert.
  5. Equifax charges an annual fee of $85+HST as a Security Monitoring fee. This fee is payable a month after you transfer in and then once a year on the anniversary date of your transfer.
  6. 3rd party expenses are charged at cost plus a processing fee per invoice ($50.00) every month if applicable.
  7. Team members are required to provide a credit card for all charges

The schedule below shows you the amounts that you would have to pay to transfer your license. If you need further clarification on the fee schedule, please contact us at 416-898-7600 ext. 288

  • CAAMP Fees are due at signing. If you are already a CAAMP member, once confirmed by CAAMP, the money will be returned back to you.
  • If you are currently licensed with FSCO you do not have to pay the fee again. FSCO fees are renewed every two years. Next FSCO renewal is March 31, 2018.  The transfer fee due on sign up applies to agents with a valid FSCO license.
  • E&O Insurance and Administration fee are non-transferable and will be due if applicable.
  • Fees now include HST where applicable.


On-going costs

Access to the customer credit bureau information is provided by Equifax. This is an important part of your daily business for without them you would not be able to complete mortgage transactions. Equifax charges are billed monthly. You are only charged for the client credit bureaus that you accessed in the previous month.

  • The cost of each client bureau is $5.50 + HST, which includes, the credit information, safe-scan and beacon score. New version released June 4, 2016.
  • The annual Equifax fee charged to each agent is called the Security Monitoring Fee and is billed to each agent when they join and on the anniversary of the month their code was issued by Equifax. Effective June 1, 2012 this fee has increased to $85.00 + HST and will be charged to you each year. Cashin Mortgages deducts this cost from you and sends it directly to Equifax.