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Know Your City: Thunder Bay, Superior by Nature

Thunder Bay is the amalgamation of Port Arthur and Fort William, which was created in 1970. Beforehand Port Arthur and Fort William were both prominent communities in northwestern Ontario. The expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway helped greatly in the expansion of the city. The area served as a major player in the grain trade utilising the port to export Canadian wheat internationally. Thunder Bay remains a vibrant city with a rich history that helped build Canada as we know today. The city thrives economically with diverse industries, including forestry, mining and manufacturing. With a fantastic mix of natural resources, beautiful scenery,  great modern services and amenities Thunder Bay remains a destination for visitors and residents alike.

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Thunder Bay is the most populated city in Northwestern Ontario and a major hub for business, culture, and healthcare. The current estimated population of Thunder Bay is around 110,000 people with an annual growth rate of 0.27%. The city is known for its welcoming atmosphere and in turn diverse population, representing a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Thunder Bay’s economy is based on a number of industries, including forestry, manufacturing, mining, and transportation all of which lead to great job opportunities in the area.

The average price of a house in Thunder Bay is around $330,000, with the median household income being $69,000. A mortgage broker in Thunder Bay can help tailor the search for your property and find the best rates.

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