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Is Ford Drive in Oakville a good neighbourhood to live in?

The neighbourhood around Ford Drive in Oakville, provides a diversified and hospitable setting that serves a variety of residents. A community where people from all backgrounds and lives can coexist is created by this mix of residents. The area’s accessible location makes access to daily necessities like neighbourhood stores, schools, and parks simple. Residents of this neighbourhood frequently value the peace that comes with clean streets and open areas. Social activities and get-togethers foster a sense of community and fellowship.

Overall, the neighbourhood around Ford Drive provides inhabitants with a comfortable and welcoming way of life where they may have a healthy suburban lifestyle without feeling exclusive.

What are popular grocery stores in Ford Drive?

  • Sobeys
  • Food Basics


What is the nearby shopping mall near Ford Drive?

  • Maple Grove Village
  • Oakville Place


What is the closest GO Station to Ford Drive?

  • Oakville GO


What types of homes are in Ford Drive?

The Ford Drive neighbourhood in Oakville offers a wide variety of housing options that add to its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The neighbourhood offers a range of single-family homes, from adorable bungalows to roomy two-story homes that reflect a fusion of traditional and modern architectural styles. These homes accommodate families with various needs and preferences, promoting diversity within the neighbourhood. Townhouses are also widely available and offer a desirable compromise between large detached homes and low-maintenance living. Modern condominium buildings are also found in the area, providing a convenient urban lifestyle with features appropriate for people of all ages.

Ford Drive is a warm and diverse community in Oakville thanks to the variety of housing options that it offers.

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