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Know Your City: Norfolk County, History Heritage and Diversity

Norfolk County was officially established in 1792 and was the amalgamation of a number of towns in the area. Due to the region’s rich soil and moderate climate the area became popular in the agricultural sector, especially in fruit and tobacco. The access to the water played  a large role in the development of area, trade and commerce all flowed through Port Dover. Norfolk County attracts tourists and visitors alike from all over with scenic landscapes and beautiful shorelines. Today, Norfolk County has a reputation for the vibrant towns, lively atmosphere and welcoming communities. A diverse economy thrives in the area and proves itself as a destination in Southeastern Ontario.

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What is the population in Norfolk County?

The current estimated population of Norfolk County is around 65,000, with an annual growth rate of 0.27%. The city has experienced steady growth over the years fueled by a mix of regional economic possibilities, immigration, and natural population growth. People and families seeking an enjoyable welcoming community have found the city to be appealing because of its scenic beauty, rural appeal, and substantial agricultural industry. Norfolk County has worked hard to maintain the rural nature and high quality of life in the area, attracting tourists and residents alike.

The average price of a house in Norfolk County is around $700,000, with the median household income being $72,000. A mortgage broker in Norfolk County can help tailor the search for your property and find the best rates.

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