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Is Wedgewood Creek in Oakville a good neighbourhood to live in?

Wedgewood Creek is a welcoming residential neighbourhood located in Oakville and is renowned for its calm atmosphere and time-honoured beauty. This area provides the ideal blend of contemporary convenience and suburban peace. The streets are lined with a variety of beautifully maintained residences that display a range of architectural styles that reflect both traditional and modern design choices. Family-friendly attractions like natural parks, respected schools, and close proximity to local services define Wedgewood Creek. Residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle that combines the convenience of a small-town setting with quick access to all that Oakville has to offer.

Wedgewood Creek embodies cosy and connected living with its well-kept residences and a strong feeling of community.

What are the best high schools in Wedgewood Creek?

  • Iroquois Ridge High School
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School


What are popular grocery stores in Wedgewood Creek?

  • Metro
  • Longos
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Walmart
  • Freshway Market


What is the nearby shopping mall in Wedgewood Creek?

  • Shoppes on Dundas
  • Upper Oakville Shopping Centre
  • Oakwoods Centre


What is the closest GO Station to Wedgewood Creek?

  • Oakville GO


What types of homes are in Wedgewood Creek?

Wedgewood Creek offers a variety of homes that appeal to a range of desires, resulting in a harmonious fusion of architectural styles. The streets are lined with traditional single-family homes that demonstrate classic appeal thanks to their well-kept lawns and classic styles. These houses frequently have open floor plans and tasteful details that complement traditional design principles. Additionally, new touches are added to the landscape by contemporary homes, which have sleek lines and cutting-edge features that appeal to people looking for a more modern way of life. In addition to adding convenience and fashionable living options, townhomes and condominiums also contribute to the housing fabric. With a wide variety of housing options, Wedgewood Creek transforms into a welcoming destination for people, families, and professionals seeking a harmonious fusion of traditional comfort and modern convenience.

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